Art for All is a non-profit organisation working with communities across the globe to harness the power of art as a force for positive change

We are a global network of artists, curators and facilitators unified in our commitment to the democratisation of art and our belief in its potential as a transformative tool.

We co-create large scale public art installations with and within communities across the world, opening up meaningful dialogues, breaking down barriers, and instilling a sense of possibility through collective participation and re-engagement with our physical environments. 

By working hand-in-hand with the communities, we create art that not only beautifies and inspires, but also makes a tangible difference, spurring further investment within the community and surrounding areas.



Our projects provide lasting legacies demonstrating the power of collaboration.

Over the past 20 years, the hundreds of murals, sculptures and installations we have created have helped extend a voice to communities that so often struggle to be heard. Whether facilitating the discussion of cultural taboos, tackling social and economic marginalisation or raising awareness of global sustainability, art has empowered, inspired and engaged.

The economic benefits of cultural tourism have been well documented, with many high profile success stories across the world. We have seen first hand the impact that our projects have had in areas blighted by physical and economic decline. Art has provided a catalyst for long term community led regeneration and tangible change.